What is the Bodie Box?

The Bodie Box (Blocks pain, Optimizes cellular functioning, Detoxifies, fight Infection, and Energizes) is a fun, new, electrical-energy device developed by naturopathic physician, Dr. Dean Howell ( www.DrDeanHowell.com ).

Biologists have shown that bodies utilize bio-electricity to operate the nervous system and its control of the cellular tissues. The brain triggers nerves to create complex, low-amplitude electrical signals that trigger proteins in the cellular wall to change shape, thereby changing cellular functions.

There are many different waveforms created by the nervous system to control all of our tissues. Some of these waveforms differ from one another because of their different frequencies, and others through different wave shapes. Each cellular protein has a specific group of electrical signals that it will respond to. The signals have specific strength (amplitude), waveform (shape of the signal), and frequency.

There are many electrical devices sold to change cellular functions, kill infections, cure cancer, and to cleanse the blood like Beck devices, Zappers, so-called Rife Machines, and others. In order to be effective, these machines must mimic these same waveforms in order to make changes in the body.

Some of these machines do have multiple frequency choices available for the user. But most of these machines only utilize simple square wave, sine wave, or saw-tooth waves. Therefore, these devices will only work some of the time, because, even if the frequency is correct, the signal strength must be very low and the waveform must be a very simple shape.

The Bodie Box is another electrical device designed to change your cellular function. It utilizes very weak currents. You will probably not feel the current if you are using it correctly.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Bodie Box’s electrical synthesizing circuits are utilized to make many different waveforms within the frequencies that the user has selected. So it is like a key ring with hundreds of keys—each opens your cells in a way needed to optimize your health physically, emotionally, or mentally.

The frequencies are arranged in Programs to simplify use. This way the user won’t have to look at large tables of frequencies to gauge which frequencies will be useful for him/her. Programs range from creating euphoria, to removing chemicals lodged in your system, to enhancing a good night’s sleep.

Each of the following categories contains a number of programs:

Each Program—most of which last 23 minutes—utilizes a sequence of different frequencies while creating many different waveform shapes. With so many waveforms, the chances of triggering cellular changes are much higher than with machines with fixed waveforms. This is combined with the same, weak currents that your nerves utilize. This enables deep penetration to your cells. The Bodie Box mimics your body’s own electrical nervous signals. The process is gentle, effective, and fully welcomed by your body.

Of the 91 programs, only one was pre-existing (program 90). Dr. Dean included his own version of the single program used by the MicroStimula, a device that has reportedly had 100% success in clearing breast cancer over many years usage.

The Bodie Box is about the size of a deck of playing cards and is very easy to use. Wires coming from the device attach to silver chloride tabs that stick to the body wherever they’re placed. (Different conditions require different placement so that the current can run through the appropriate body parts.)

Using the Bodie Box display, you choose the Program number that you want to experience and push start. Then the Bodie Box safely projects various, carefully-designed frequency Programs through your body’s preexisting nerve (electrical) pathways.

Each Program has a pre-set group of seven frequencies and a low strength (amplitude) of current that it operates with. Then, within these frequencies, the computer chip inside the Box creates many different waveforms (not just square waves, as current Rife-like machines do) in order to duplicate nerve signals (very complex wave forms) as closely as possible. With these varying nerve signals, various carrier proteins going through the cell walls are activated. This causes changes in cellular functioning, optimizing cellular functions, killing infectious organs, and stimulating or sedating different tissues as you choose. This can happen only when the proper wave forms are delivered to the target tissue, which is exactly what the Bodie Box’s electronics create. This is why the Bodie Box is so much more effective than the current so-called Rife machines, Zappers, Beck machines, or other similar energy-enhancement devices.

The Bodie Box is fun and effective! It helps you feel good! Explore this site to learn the different ways you can experiment with it.