To permanently and deeply shift negative or otherwise limiting emotional states, it’s best to use the personal growth/life coaching system called Lifonics to reprogram the patterns in your conscious and subconscious minds ( ). However, you can obtain short-term relief with a variety of fun Bodie Box programs.

Hook up to your Bodie Box and feel the difference whenever you feel stressed out (Stress Upset Wired Excitement Bad news), angry (Angry Stubborn Short-tempered Rude Blunt), resentful (Bitterness Sour No Joy Argues), afraid (Fear Cowardice No Commitment Paralyzed), sad (Grief Regret Rejection Self blame), hateful (Hate Plots Blames Wants to Harm Vengeance), bored (Tedium vitae (Weary of life) Bored), emotionally flat (Lacks Compassion Coldness Objectivity) or emotionally numb (Empty Hollow Blank No plans or ideas), or mentally numb (Spacey No concentration Vague Forgetful).

The Bodie Box can also help your character. Use it if you lack integrity (Lack of integrity Immoral Self-serving Wicked), humor (Serious No sense of humor Hilarity Too silly), or love (Lack of love Can’t give or receive). And also if you lie or cheat (Liar Cheating Dishonest Unethical), are jaded (Jaded Sophisticated Proud Worldly), or closed minded (Closed mind Paradigm blindness).