There are many bothersome conditions you can have that don’t necessarily involve infection but which represent a weakened or otherwise compromised state of the body. Allergies are a common bodily condition that are often brought on by emotional components and which can each be thoroughly released with Lifonics ( ) or quickly addressed in general with the Bodie Box (Allergies Asthma Auto-Immune disease). Either way, it is a correction of immune system error that must be focused on.

Many conditions result from the introduction of foreign toxic substances into the body. Chemical exposure to substances such as mercury (Bone: mercury, amalgam toxicity) and titanium (Bone titanium and dental chemical Toxicity), which commonly happen through ill-conceived dentistry, and other toxic ingestions (Hangover Poisoned Short-term toxic reactions) impose a toxic burden on the immune system that must be relieved. Using the Bodie Box is one way to assist in doing this.

Such heavy metal toxicity can burden your system and negatively change your inner terrain so that you are subject to microorganisms such as Staphylococcus (Acute infection Staph Boils Ear/Gum/Bone infections; Chronic Staph: Old infections & Cavitations), Streptococcus (Acute infection Strep Sore throat High fever), and even compromise digestion and allow food poisoning to take a greater toll (Indigestion Bloating Food poisoning).

Overuse or faulty use of your muscles can build up lactic acid and even excess calcium (Muscle-Bone: Strain Sprain Arthritis TMD; Muscles work trauma sports Fibromyalgia) that the Bodie Box can help clear.

You may in general be exhausted (Acute fatigue Tiredness Chronic fatigue) or have chronic pain (Tension/full headache Chronic neck pain) that the Bodie Box can help relieve. However, the best permanent relief for pain is NeuroCranial Restructuring, the revolutionary physical medicine also pioneered by Bodie Box creator Dr. Dean Howell (

Sometimes your body may get so exhausted and out of balance that you can’t sleep properly—ironic since in that case sleep is exactly what you need to repair. Whether you are too much of a night owl (Advance Sleep Phase Sleep Disorder: Seems too early to go to bed) or can’t stay awake in the evening (Delayed Sleep Phase Sleep Disorder: Seems you are going to bed too early), the Bodie Box can help.

Likewise, many of us have an imbalanced metabolism that makes us gain too much weight or prevents us from gaining weight at all, In both cases, the Bodie Box can be an important component of an overall slimming (Obesity treatment (for brain and liver)) or bulking up (Weight-gain treatment (for brain and thyroid)). health program.