We are constantly exposed to a barrage of toxins in modern life that stem from our food, water, (synthetic) clothing, household materials and cleaners, personal care products, omnipresent fields of electromagnetic radiation, noise, auto and other industrial pollutants. It is impossible to avoid all of these, so the Bodie Box is here to help you detoxify gently and painlessly.

The Bodie Box can help nullify some of the harmful effects if you eat packaged, chemical foods (Food toxins Spoiled Emotional pollutants; Meds Fast food Speed MSGs Synthetic Toxins), smoke, drink, or overindulge in sweets (Beer, wine cheese cigs candy hemp Toxins).

Also, if you are exposed to bad air (Mold/Fungi Rotten smells Bad air Toxins), bad water (Bad Aromas Bad water Liquor Mental Poll), noise (Noise & bad vibes effects acute and chronic), or EMFs (Radiation Burns EM Fields Microwave) the Bodie Box is for you.

Even if you eat organic fresh food, drink pure spring water, and live in a calm, electromagnetic free environment, you may be periodically exposed to harmful household and industrial chemicals. The following are rampantly present in modern society and can be offset somewhat by use of the Bodie Box: heavy metals (Heavy metals), household cleaners (Halogens (Chlorine) bleach –cleaners-SLS), pesticide and car chemicals (Pesticides Petroleum Ozone Ether Cocaine), plastics and medical chemicals as well as humanly modified plant foods (Plastic Cancer & Chemo agents Glue GMOs).