What is the Bodie Box?
The Bodie Box is a small, portable, electrical treatment device.

How did you develop the Bodie Box?
I had experience with the Microstimula machine and approached the designer about expanding the device to treat more conditions. He refused. I decided that I should do it myself. I began my research by collecting as many of the published electrical treatment charts (sometimes erroneously called Rife machine charts) that I could find. I then used radionics techniques to select the best of these electrical waveforms and electrical frequencies and combined them into user-friendly Programs so that the users wouldn’t have to go through this laborious process themselves. Then I hired an engineer to make the actual device and to perform the chip programming so that the device would be very small and could run on 2 AA batteries. I thought that this would be much better than the bulky units that plug into the wall!

What does the Bodie Box look like?

How do you use the Bodie Box? First, you look at the chart of Programs and select the Program that you wish to use. Second, you decide where in your body the problem is located. Third, you clean your skin and attach to Tabs on opposite side of the body’s problem area. Fourth, you attach the Clips to the Tabs. Fifth, you turn on the power switch. Sixth, you push the outside, black button repeatedly until the selected Program number appears. Seventh, you push the inside button once. Eighth, you wait until the display shows no further activity (at least 23 minutes).

How can the Bodie Box help me?
The Bodie Box will stimulate your body with electrical signals that resemble nerve signals. You can change your body functions with the Bodie Box. You can use it to optimize body functions, to fight infections, to block pain, to detoxify, to change your mood, to change your behavior, and more.

Can using the Bodie Box ever hurt me?
If you are not careful, of course you can hurt yourself with the Bodie Box. After all, the device outputs a small amount of electricity, so you can burn yourself if you contact the metal inside the clips directly to your skin, or if you touch your eye with direct metal contact, it would be much worse than a skin burn. It is important to clean the skin before attaching a Tab so that the electrical contact area is as big as possible. It is important to discard the disposable Tabs when they do not adhere to the skin well. It is not recommended that you place Tabs on mucous membranes or other sensitive tissues, like the eyes, the lips, the genitals, the inside of the mouth, the anus, the vagina, etc. But if you are sensible, then a device like the Bodie Box should be very safe.

How often should I use the Bodie Box?
Most Programs should be used at least twice a day. It is best to choose one or two Programs to utilize at one time so that the body will respond to the desired treatment. When you are running multiple programs, then there is no focusing of the body’s healing resources and the results are not as good.

The Bodie Box looks simple but you mention that there are complex ways of using it. How can I learn to use it better?
I am writing a manual to explain more complex ways of using the Bodie Box.

What is involved in becoming a Bodie Box practitioner?
This is still being determined, but it will include having a good understanding of the upcoming manual and a background in clinical therapy.

How does the Bodie Box compare with other energy machines?
Most “Rife” machines use overwhelming electrical current to force the body into responses. They use square-wave electrical waveforms. It is not elegant, and the user is expected to become a student of the treatment tables supplied with the expensive machine. The user is generally attached to the machine with hand-grips for electrical contacts, and the machine is plugged into the wall. The Bodie Box is small enough to fit in your pocket, runs on batteries so that you can use the machine will you move about, utilizes small adhesive Tabs to attach the electrical output to the body, and has pre-designed Programs to simplify usage.

Why does the Bodie Box cost what it does?
Most electrical treatment machines have prices that begin at $1500 and go up as high as $4000. Once I began designing my own machine, I discovered that many of these devices cost the developers only 10% of retail to make. I decided that such a price was immoral. The Bodie Box 1.1 is only $327 so that anybody can afford to buy one. The improved Bodie Box 2.0 will be $599, and will still be the least expensive electrical treatment machine on the market that has so many features!

Why are the advantages if I become an affiliate?
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