It is easy in modern society—with its plethora of chemicals, EMFs, and unnatural lifestyle habits—for our internal terrain to get out of balance and thus to become susceptible to infection. When our interior “soil” is healthy, infection is kept in check. But when it is polluted or its Ph is imbalanced, infection can take hold.

Whether your issue is bacterial (Bacterial infection), Staph infection, Strep infection, spirochete infection, Lyme infection, Candida infection, Yeast/Fungus/Mold infection, parasitic (Parasitic infection), or viral (Viral infection Fever Flu), the Bodie Box has a program for you.

Besides these general categories, the Bodie Box addresses some of the most common specific inflectional conditions, like things that affect the nose (Common cold fever hacking cough blows nose; Sinusitis Hay fever Blocked nose Face pressure), throat (Sore Throat Laryngitis Hurts to cough), lungs (Pneumonia Acute /chronic bronchitis Lung infection), blood (Lyme Disease Spirochete infection), and whole body (Influenza Dizziness Nausea Diarrhea).