Lifonics ( ) is a thorough, cause-eliminating, and highly effective way long-term to treat not only emotionally but also mentally negative and otherwise limiting conditions. And certain mental conditions—such as depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, phobias, and OCD—are very effectively treated by NeuroCranial Restructuring ( ) since that modality optimizes the shape of the skull and thereby the fluid flow in the brain.

However, the Bodie Box can also give short-term or symptomatic relief if you are suffering from addictions (Addictive behaviors), anxiety (Anxiety Nervousness Hysteria), depression (Depression Negativity Fault-finding), self-abuse (Abusive behaviors), being out of touch with reality (No understanding Hallucinations Inaccurate), phobias (Phobia Hypochondriasis Body over-aware), learning disabilities (Learning disabilities Confusion No clarity), and even autism (Fixation OCD Autism Controlling).

And besides the sleep disorders that can result from your bodily clock being out of phase (Advance Sleep Phase Sleep Disorder Seems too early to go to bed; Delayed Sleep Phase Sleep Disorder Seems you are going to bed too early), the Bodie Box has another program for general sleeplessness, which often results from worry or other mental disturbance (Sleeplessness (insomnia)).