These programs are generally better to use after you have done the repairs indicated in other categories. In other words, clear before you optimize.

Trisha Howell: “My favorite program here is Create Euphoria. It makes me feel so happy and joyful and makes me just want to be, to perceive and to enjoy life.” Create Emotional Balance and Stability makes you feel very peaceful and clear—provided that you have dealt with any past traumas or other negativity through other Bodie Box programs and, more completely still, through Lifonics ( www.Lifoncis.com ) Lifonics also has a lot to offer in developing your specific psychic abilities and way of intuitive communication, and the Bodie Box also facilitates this in general (Increase Psychic Abilities and Communication).

It is also great to strengthen your 7 main chakras (Strengthen and Detox Chakras), to optimize your athletic abilities (Increase Athletic Coordination, Flexibility) and the functioning of your already healthy organs (Organ Optimizer), to rejuvenate yourself (Increase Youthfulness), and to help improve your structure (Structural Optimization), though there is no substitute for NeuroCranial Restructuring for the latter (see www.DrDeanHowell.com ).