Keeping our organs strong, vibrant, and youthful is an important part of overall health. The Bodie Box can help whether it is a recent and acute organ challenge (Acute organ dysfunction Calm down system) or a chronic one (Chronic organ dysfunction Stimulate system).

You can easily and comfortably use the Bodie Box to help keep healthy entire systems in your body, such as your heart and vascular structures (Cardiovascular disorders Stimulate), nervous system (Nervous system disorders), digestion (Digestive system dysfunction Stimulate), blood sugar (Blood sugar disorder Liver/Pancreas), hormones (Hormonal imbalances), lymphatics (Lymphatic system disturbances), and skeletal structure (Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons Calm).

urning to more specific areas, the Bodie Box helps maintain and revitalize your vision (Eyes, vision, sense of taste), hearing (Ears, hearing, sense of smell), and other senses as well as pivotal organs such as your liver (Liver disturbances Calm), gall bladder (Gall bladder disorders Calm), spleen (Spleen disorders), lungs (Respiratory tract disorders), skin (Skin disorders), kidneys/bladder (Urinary tract disorders), and male/female areas (Sex organ disorders).