The Bodie Box is about the size of a deck of cards and is very easy to use. Wires coming from the device attach to tabs that stick to the body wherever they’re placed. You can reuse the same tabs a number of times as long as your skin is clean where they are applied (use alcohol like vodka, whiskey, or rum to remove any oils).

These silver chloride tabs conduct the Bodie Box’s DC current very effectively into the body. Place them on either side of the area you want to treat (so the signal flows through that area) or wherever the Bodie Box manual instructs you for advanced usage.

It is often helpful when doing a more generalized treatment to place the tabs one on top of the shoulder and the other on the opposite hip so that the current flows through a large part of the abdomen. For the next treatment, move the tabs to the opposite shoulder and hip.

ifferent treatment protocols are to be repeated a different number of times according to the specific needs of the individual being treated. That is why it can be helpful to have a Bodie Box practitioner give you a specialized protocol to follow. In general, it can be beneficial to run up to two different programs sequentially up to twice a day.