Terms and conditions  

We guarantee that your product(s) are in perfect working order when you receive them. We will repair or replace any manufacturing defective products for 90 days after you receive the products. We are not responsible for any problems caused by normal usage, or from breakage, or from misuse of our products. We will accept broken items and will notify you of your costs for repairs. Many products are not financially feasible to repair.

If you do not accept and pay us when notified of repair costs, then no repair will be performed and the item will be recycled. Additionally, we do not guarantee that you will have any positive results, medical or otherwise, from the usage of our products. Failure to follow the instructions supplied with the product may lead to injury or death.

So by accepting these terms, you agree to hold Structural Integrity Corporation and any resellers (of our products) harmless for any actions with our products, such as accidents, illnesses, mistakes, injuries, burns, or maimings. In other words, you are responsible for your actions at all times (with our products or otherwise) and will not sue us for any reason.