There are many highly beneficial alternative treatments for cancer available. Basically, cancer is a condition that results from the body being highly out of balance. See www.germannewmedicine.com. As you saw with this website, there is a major emotional-stress component in cancer. This combines with severe toxicity to cause the body to need to heal. The second phase of the healing involves the tumor formation. Getting renewed stresses in the same style as the instigating, cancer-causing stress prevents the body from healing. So healing requires emotional work, rest, and prevention of the body’s toxicity from overwhelming it during the recovery period. Toxicity is usually a major factor in making cancer so lethal; hence the need to completely detoxify. When the toxin levels stay low, the person rests, and the person deals with their emotionally stressful events, then the body can heal from the cancer. Detoxifying, strengthening, and correcting the immune system are all important for recovering from cancer, and the Bodie Box can help do this.

owever, cancer can also be treated symptomatically at the location where it presents itself. For the past 10 years the Microstimula machine has had great success with cancer, especially breast cancer, so the Bodie Box includes its replicated version of the Microstimula frequencies as one of its programs (Cancer 1—Breast tumors and soft tissue). The Bodie Box also adds a program for harder tumors, both cancerous and benign (Cancer 2—Hard tissue).